Be a Volunteer or a Citizenship Coach

Want to do direct community service?

FLIC holds monthly citizenship clinics in South Florida to help legal permanent residents apply for naturalization and finally become Florida New Americans

Why Volunteer at Florida New Americans?

  • Build relationships with like minded individuals in your community
  • Considering law school? Get a mentor from one of your legal partner organizations
  • Get community service hours or service learning credits
  • Receive trainings on various immigration topics and other community resources


What would you do? 
Volunteer at the clinics one Saturday a month or help get the word out in the community!

There is something for everyone:

  • Be an interpreter
  • Guide clients through the clinic process and provide them with a form welcome
  • Screen applicants for fee waivers and fill out their citizenship applications
  • Educate the public by hosting a forum or information session
  • Assist applicants in office using CitizenshipWorks
  • Remind clients about their upcoming interviews and oath ceremonies
  • Assist in our Get Out The Vote  and voter registration efforts so that they can be Florida New American Voters


Already a Florida New American? Help others on their path to citizenship!

What would you do?
Work beyond the clinics and help with citizenship classes where we help people learn basic US history and civics in order to pass that portion of their interview, conduct mock interviews, assist elderly applicants in collecting their required documents, serve as an interpreter at their interview, etc.