Learn English in Just 8 Weeks!

FLIC wants to share a new English course created by our friends at Accelerate Change!

Accelerated English is a language course that provides eight weeks of classes with an instructor, daily meetings with tutors, and a combination of extracurricular activities to accelerate English learning tools.

LEARN MORE HERE: http://acceleratedenglish.org/

A faster way to learn! The Accelerate Change 8-week program includes:

  • Fluent English Tutors – Conversations with fluent English tutors 4 days per week (via video call)
  • Weekly English Class – A weekly class with an instructor and a community of motivated language learners (via video call)
  • Personal English Class – A personal language coach who will help you make learning English an easy part of your every-day life
  • Training – Training on how to do video calling and use language learning mobile apps