Pascual Shares His Story on Becoming a Citizen!

My name is Pascual Juan and I am from Guatemala. I came to the US in 1985 after crossing the desert to work as a farmworker and sustain my family. That makes over 30 years living in this country and 25 as a resident thanks to President Reagan’s amnesty. I want to apply to become a citizen to be fully part of this country and to live with my children and family who are already citizens. That is my goal and what I ultimately want to do, to live peacefully with my family. Right now, I am working on a farm where we grow fruits like mangos, strawberries, and avocados. I’ve worked in agriculture for the entire time that I have been living in this country.

My life will change drastically by receiving my citizenship because I won’t have to worry about being deported while being a resident. Every person that wants to be part of this country needs to apply for citizenship, but sometimes we have the misconception that getting a quick job and making some money to go back to our homeland instead of staying here for the long haul. But I see that my family is growing and I don’t want to leave them behind, so it’s important for me not to wait and make anymore excuses.